The war doesn’t let patients get timely diagnosis: Ohmatdyt doctors rescued a child with intestinal pathology

This girl is only 7 months old. She was admitted to Ohmatdyt with a serious condition. The doctors have diagnosed her with intussusception. Such a condition can be developed by children of age from 4 months to a year due to a sudden change in diet. Because of the war and lack of food, the girl’s mother couldn’t feed her as usual. The new food caused severe pathology.

During the hostilities, the parents weren’t able to receive proper timely medical care. When the 7-month-old was admitted to Ohmatdyt, the child required surgery. The girl has spent 4 hours in the operation room. During the surgery, the doctors also diagnosed her with necrosis of intestinal particles and removed the affected area. If the pathology had been diagnosed on the first day, the surgery wouldn’t have been required. Now the child is in intensive care and continues her treatment in Ohmatdyt. Our hospital admits almost 30 patients with intussusception yearly.

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